Full-contact fighting tournament of Paris

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On the Saturday 7th of April 2012, the medieval full-contact fighting tournament of Paris took place in Ablon-sur-Seine. We bring you a report on this 3rd tournament based on the “Battle of Nations” fighting rules after the tournaments of Azincourt and the Arèna of Lutèce last year.

In general everything was very good, and everybody left the battlefield with joy in their hearts. There weren't any organizational problems, the marshals were very professional, and the lifeguards had no trouble healing the minor injuries caused by battles that were of an exceptional intensity and violence for a French tournament.

The only disappointment of this glorious day is the lack of participants. From the 21 registered and expected, only 13 came. This didn't give us any other choice than to put the participants in 3 teams of 4: team Frankland, yellow team and blue team. We hope that in the future full-contact events will have a much higher priority for the interested fighters.

Furthermore, concessions were made to some fighters regarding the authenticity of their armor, allowing to use the hidden modern protection in order to let them fight without compromising their physical integrity. We hope we can avoid that next time.

The Frankland team arrived with already 5 fighters in its ranks: Edouard Eme, Jean-Philippe Longo, Louis Truchard, Pierre Lecacheur and Guillaume Robiquet. Two teams were spontaneously created with the fighters who came on their own. Yellow team included Julien Stickel, William Letellier, Bastien Lamarre and Franck Bucher. Blue team included Frédéric Lepault, Axel Lefèbvre, Julien Lieven and Kévin Mestre. Many of them didn't know each other before the tournament, but showed a great spirit of coordination and friendship to give the best of them in battle.

Frankland team first beat yellow team, then blue team. Then yellow team and blue team fought for the second place that went to the yellow team after a tough match. Therefore, Frankland team won the first place in the group battles.

Frankland's victory was not a surprise, since its members, who are familiar with this fighting style, already participated in previous full-contact events in France and also in eastern countries.

As in each event we’re going to organize in the future, the fighters earned ladder points according to their victories/defeats, for the annual ladder that will soon be set on, the official French medieval combat website.

The fighters could then engage 1vs1 fights, according to the rules of «professional fighting», in 3 rounds, by weight categories. Frédéric Lepault won against William Letellier, to meet Jean-Philippe Longo in final, following his victory against Julien Stickel. The final was won by Jean-Philippe Longo (team Frankland).

In the end took place friendly 3 vs 3 and even 3 vs 4 fights, involving those who had enough energy left.

Some pieces of armor revealed themselves to be deficient, the fighters became aware they have to adapt their equipment with this fighting style. Solidity, lightness, and flexibility are the main qualities of a medieval combat armor. But such result must not be obtained at the expense of authenticity!

For many, it was the first time they fought with Battle of Nations rules; nevertheless, we were surprised by the level of beginners, fairly aggressive, tenacious and not hesitating in hand to hand. Many of them confessed watching a lot of videos from eastern fighters, from which they try to learn. All witnessed the happiness brought by such fights, as well to the public as to the fighters, who all went home with a smile on their face and a thirst for more. Each can be proud of his performance, as shown on the great videos shot by Adrien Jeannot.

The marshals from club la Mesnie Enguerran also enjoyed the event, satisfied that everybody followed the rules with good spirit. Their work, vital for the good progress of the tournament was very appreciated, as for the one of the volunteer lifeguards who had to deal only with superficial injuries, in a very small amount.

Other tournaments shall be organized at the Parc des Sœurs in Ablon-sur-Seine, as well as trainings announced on where everybody who has interest in medieval fighting will be welcome. After a lot of practice, French fighters will earn experience and level, to perform even more interesting, numerous and impressive battles, take part in international events, and why not confront other nations at the Battle of Nations in 2013...


French knights: arise!


Edouard Eme.



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I'm from the west midlands, England, how to I contact my/ who is my nearest team?
2014-01-15 09:20
Quoting harry:
How can I get in contact with the team? or find a similar team?

it depends from wich country you are. Write at , we try to help you.
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How can I get in contact with the team? or find a similar team?










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