Team Luxemburg: an international tournament to be organized soon

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We have already written about possibly one of the smallest teams of the “battle of the Nations 2013”, namely team Luxemburg. We know Laurent Bemtgen, the captain of team Luxemburg, but certainly all other people where a mystery for us. To satisfy our interest we decided to talk to the person who deals with managing the Team – Susanne Herminghaus.

- Hello. Say a few words about yourself. Where are you from, how did you get to the team, what is your role in the team?

- I'm 31 Years old, I come from Germany, but now I live in Luxemburg with my husband (Laurent Bemtgen). I am a pharmacy student;
Well, Laurent asked me to help him by managing the team; so I got in
So I am the official team manager of the team. My current tasks are: assuring everybody has a historical kit that meets the safety regulations of the BotN rules. I also help them with finding historical evidence for their kits and also have a catalogue of armour and weapon parts of different blacksmiths to help the fighters choose the right things.
I also do some media campaigns and manage parts of our Facebook Fan Page to gather more fighters for our team

-How many people are there in Luxemburg team now?

- 5 fighters and me/

- I saw your photo with a sword and a picture in Giothic armor by Laurent. Do you fight?

- Yes I do But I will get the gothic armour at a later time. But it is already planned to get it. I already have some weapons to fight with.

- Are you planning to participate in BoN as a fighter then?

- Since it is not allowed for women to fight, I am unable to participate in BotN as a fighter. But maybe if there will be a women’s league

- Did you change your work concerning the team after the summit in Paris?

- Yes, there are a few more things that I am doing or that I changed. For example: I put a lot more emphasis on the historical correctness of the fighters´ kits. I am also looking for someone we can send to Moscow for the Marshals training. Overall, there are a few things that have changed, so the meeting itself was a very big help in our organisation of the team.

- What are the prospects for the team now? How many people possibly can be in the team with time?

- Currently we have a few members who are still gearing up. But the training is going very well and we have some good development of the individual fighters abilities. Nonetheless, we want to increase the training even more to be prepared as good as possible.
On the other hand, we hope to one day reach about 10 - 15 fighters. There are a few people who are interested but don´t have the money or time yet to participate

- In which nominations will Luxemburg team participate?

- We will try to participate in “5 vs 5” and if possible in “1 vs 1”. Worst case scenario (if we lose one fighter because of injury for example) we will at least participate in the “all vs all” battle. But we will try to have one more spare fighter just to be sure.

- Do you have full contact practices now? Does the team visit festivals organized by other national teams to prepare better for the championship?

- Yes, on our training we practice full contact and we also will organize an international tournament in February. Also we will visit some other events, for example the tournament in Bernau, Germany and maybe the one in France in March. We also plan to work together with the Belgian team and maybe invite them (and other teams) for a training.

- Say a few words more about the tournament that you will organize.

- The tournament is planned for the weekend of the 16th to 17th February 2013. (We are still awaiting for the official written approval of the municipality, but the mayor already fully supports our event.)
It will be in central Luxemburg. Good reachable from all the surrounding countries, in the village of Saeul.
We have a very new modern sports hall for the event with showers, kitchen and enough place for the fighters to sleep there.
The nominations planned are “1 vs 1” and, if enough people are there (and the place is big enough), we will do either “3 vs 3” or “5 vs 5”. On Sunday morning, we will do an “all vs all” outside if the weather is good.
For the moment, the following countries showed interest in participating: Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, and some more.
We will soon release an official announcement and invitation to this event.

- Do you already have a motto for the team?

- Our motto is: Keep calm and battle on!

Organising the event is already a good thing for a team of only 5 fighters and hopefully other teams will come to support this event. Soon there will be an official announcement of it, so we address to all European teams: Guys, come to this event, it will be a great chance for you to meet on the battlefield again and the team Luxemburg will get a great experience, which can be hardly achieved now. As better your cooperation now, as harder you fight each other later. Don’t lose this chance. Keep calm and battle on!

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