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I think all of you look with interest at the progress which made the USA national team for the recent half of the year. We all saw that impressing video from the practice that took place in October (if you didn’t  - watch it certainly in this article). The guys started to move faster, strike harder and they obviously became more numerous. So to be in the trend, we decided to ask captain of the USA team Andre Sinou how is his team now.

- Recently you had a big practice for the team. Say a few words about it.

- Our National Tournament and practice went very well. Last year we had 25 attend. This year we had almost 60. The level of combat was definitely more intense. The fighters knew that they were being judged for their performance and held very little back. The veterans who have come back this year have a little bit of experience under their belts now and could pass on some good pointers. We are still a very green team but this year showed some improvement.
- What kind of qualification tournament are you planning for the people who want to get to the team? How many qualifications will there be and when will the final qualification tournament take place?

- Qualifications started at the regional level. We have broken the country down into 3 divisions, each with 3 regions in it. Once you have made it past your regional level practices and tourney, you can go to the divisional practices and tourney. These divisional practices and tournies fed into the National level practice and tourney we held in October. We will have another round where all will be expected to attend in February. I will get input from my divisional commanders and my Executive Officer and make my final decision after the February event.

- What is the next event for the team? Say a few words about it.

- There are some more Divisional level tournies and practices coming up in December. We will have another National level tourney and practice in February.
- How are the trainings for the teams and clubs are organised? How often does an "average" fighter in the team train?

- There are clubs at the local level who train weekly. There are regional practices about once a month. Divisional practices are twice a year and the National Tourney is twice a year. All of the clubs have a leader. All of the regions and divisions have commanders. The local leaders report to the regional commander. The regional commander reports to the divisional commander. The divisional commanders report directly to my XO and myself. Can you tell this was organized by a Marine Officer?

- How many people generally in America do HMB fighting now? Did the number increase after the “Battle of the Nations”?

- It is hard to tell how many there are in the US doing HMB fighting. There has been several groups doing it for years now. I would guess that there has to be about 3-4000. There has definitely been an increase in interest since our participation in the BoN.

The only thing to say after understanding the excellence of the organization system is – WOW! It was organized by the marine officer and it looks like a real army. And this army will show at the next BoN what benefits such a system van give. We were impressed by the number of elimination tournaments in Poland previous year, (and certainly we’ll be impressed this year), but the multi-leveled organization system in the USA will also show it’s superiority too. Certainly there will be best of the best in the team. We can’t imagine that any good fighter can be unnoticed with such an organization…


Oleg Labirin


2015-05-06 16:12
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