The first HMB full-contact tournament took place in the Czech Republic

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The first HMB full-contact tournament in the Czech Republic took place on April 20th, 2013. It was arranged as a part of the greatest medieval festival in Czech Republic called Battle of Libušín. There were about 800 reenactors and up to 5.000 spectators. The tournament was prepared by Daniel Dufek and members of SKSKB Praha.

guests team

The tournament was organized in exhibition way to show and explain to czech reenactors this new martial sport, which is commonly unknown in the Czech Republic.

The first part of the exhibition were rule explanations with live demonstrations. The second part was the tournament. During tournament were presented disciplines “5 vs 5”, “1 vs 1” and ProFight.

home team

In the tournament participated fighters from the National Team of the Czech Republic (“home team”) and the opponent team was assembled from guest fighters (“guest team”) from Austria, Germany and Poland. Members of these teams also participated in duels “1 vs 1” and ProFights.

The guests team:

Aaron Mays, USA

Heinrich Wurzian, VgVK Wien, Austria

Martin Pragler, VgVK Wien, Austria

Bernhard Benes, Turba Ferox, Austria

Joji Ishikawa, VgVK Wien, Austria

Robert Nacke, Vollkontakt Schwertkampf & Buhurt München, Germany

Helmut Hanus, Germany

Roman Mühlfeldner, Germany

Jurek Miklaszewski, Poland


The home team:

Štěpán Hodr, SKSKB Praha

Lukáš Podešva, Arma Ferre

Josef Pohl

Jakub Benda, SKSKB Praha

Tomáš Gajdošík, SKSKB Praha

Ivo Veselý, Páni z Rukštajna

Dimitrij Nikitin, SKSKB Praha

Tomáš Nikodým

Martin Dymanus

Jan Burgerstein, SKSKB Praha

Marek Axman, Rytíři svatého grálu


Marshalls team:

Radim Doležel, Arma Ferre

Jakub Vácha

Martin Štádler, SKSKB Praha

Ondřej Palouš

Special thanks to our guests.

Many thanks to the organizers of the festival “Battle of Libušín”.

Written by Radim Doležel, the captain of National Team of the Czech Republic; photos by Daniel Dufek


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