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Historical Medieval Battle! or Politics?

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Since 2009 we’ve been developing and promoting international HMB movement. First two international events were conducted in Ukraine. Then our friends from Italy, Germany and Quebec took part in the second “Battle of the Nations”. All the time we have been receiving numerous positive feedbacks and excited comments not only from the participants, but also from the fans of our events. More and more people are getting familiar with our movement and want to join it all over the world.

At the same time we face a lot of critics without which moving forward is impossible. He, who does nothing, does not do any mistakes. We are doing a lot however. For example, shortly after the first event we started developing the Marshals manpower, which is now represented in more than 10 countries. Despite the difficulties in organization of festivals in Poland and France every time according to a different language and different legislation we raised bumps, and gained a lot of experience however in international event management and national teams support, which did not have any experience at all. We are the only organization in the whole world which is able to organize international events in a foreign country. Believe us, it is not a simple task, but the championship held in different countries enhances the development of the movement worldwide.

When you do something for everybody, many eyes are watching you, trying to find your mistakes. And, actually, this is good. Only in such kind of community, where everybody supports the discipline and everybody can express his point of view, we have the possibility to grow. We thank you for helping us to refine Battle of the Nations. However, we deeply regret that the conflicts we face in such communities like ours have another side of the medal. And it raises politics which is so uncharacteristic for our movement.

Some days ago we were again accused in cheating and in preferring particular teams against the others. As usually a big hush has been raised out of a little thing. On November 17th, some of our American friends started to post the photo, which is, in their opinion, shows that the HMBIA President behaves dishonestly. They put this photo as their Facebook profile pictures and cover photos.

Incident at Battle of the Nations-2013 in Aigues-Mortes (France)

This photo was taken 6 months ago at the festival in France during the fight 5vs5 between the USA and Russia teams. The man in blue clothes (Anton Trubnikov) grabbed the fighter’s belt, which looks like a joke and is a violation of rules however. The Marshals who had seen this did not stop the fight, but after it was finished, they gave him the yellow card for this violation according to the international rules. From one hand you may wonder how yellow card can influence a man who did not participate in the fight. But, Anton Trubnikov was the Capitan of Ukrainian Team at that moment, and if the team got another yellow card, the team would have been disqualified.


This screenshot was made from the discussion of this incident at the page of Battle of the Nations. Afterword from the social network VKontakte. This case gathered about 30 different comments and points of view from the Russian team members and fans. Of course, there were some individual interpretations of what was going on.


Experts of the Russian team explained their (expert) point of view to all the participants of the discussion.


Alexandr Davydov:

I have watched this video many times at place. What Anton has done is wrong in any case and he understands this perfectly. But I have heard so many interpretations of this video! He pulled the fighter, he was keeping the fighter during the whole minutes, other things of this kind. The situation is simple: a heavy fighter combats with an opponent and there is Anton, keeping walkie-talkie in one hand and is doing something during 2 or 3 seconds with his other hand. He would never be able to pull or to keep the fighter during the fight; moreover; Anton does not seem to bring force (of course he is a strong man, but not to that extent!) He was punished for this action. We have also made our conclusions as for the security which should not have let Anton going there. I state that it is not a hold or a pull of fighter. If it was so, the results of the fight would have been reconsidered and there would have been a refight.”

According to the Chief Marshal of the tournament the video record of this case was reviewed during the festival together with the management of the USA Team and upon the mutual agreement there was no refight as this three-second action had not have any influence on the fight results.

This case raised active discussions among supporters of the American team in the Facebook group - Battle of the Nations Team USA. This is absolutely natural, since the USA Team has lost that fight and, of course, therefore someone can say that they have more reasons to make a complaint against violators if not in an objective, but in a subjective way.

Post in Facebook group by Serge Lavigueur on May 27th gathered more than 120 comments:


If supporters of the Russian national team felt that Anton Trubnikov cheated for the American team, the Americans, of course, thought it was for the Russians.



In the end, all discussion participants from the Russian and American sides agreed on the fact that the incident showed that the system of fighting has flaws and required changes. Such as, for example, to prohibit someone not participating or judging the fight to stay at the fence.


It was agreed to treat the incident considered as just a stupid mistake, which was discussed and given the respective punishment for:



But, for some reason after 6 months of silence the same people, radically changed their opinion and again raised the debate about the case:


Some leaders of the movement as for example Kit Huston also noticed a discrepancy between the comments in Facebook on November, 17th and the history of the incident and the decision taken before:


The detailed article about the different points of view on this incident of Anton Trubnikov’s violation can be read in the blog of Igor Omelianchuk.

All this is extremely frustrating, because the HMBIA works for the development of fair sport. And the association has no desire to participate in the discussions, which are ready to turn into mutual insults. However, nobody can turn away from the questions that appear after these posts:

  • - Is there some reason why it was decided to return to claims, which had been resolved half a year ago?
  • - If somebody is fighting for justice, then why it took them six months to start doing it so actively?
  • - Why discussion participants had been satisfied with one post in their closed group 6 months ago, and last week they did everything to bring as much attention to the incident as they can by putting this picture, mentioned above as their profile pictures?
  • - Do our "friends" pursue any other interests besides justice by taking such actions?

The answers to these questions can be found in the comments of the accidental participants of this flashmob which was aimed against the HMBIA image.


One can see that these comments prove the attack had been planned long before however it was launched faster than some participants had expected. The reason for such a rush could be the direct e-mail blast conducted by the HMBIA on November 15-16th, 2013 aimed to inform openly about the HMBIA activities.

Later we found out the real reasons for the disturbance of our American colleagues. It turned out that the leaders of ACL are not satisfied with the fact that the HMBIA has decided to speak openly with all the participants of the movement via direct e-mailing and offered the supervisors, so that anyone in Germany and the United States could have a chance to become a member of the National team and not only a member of the ACL, for example.


HMBIA makes everything possible to develop the sport. However, it seems that the war and politics are the only things someone needs.


Thank God we have other points of view!

We regret to say that we know the answers to the questions concerning this Facebook action and the steps which will follow it. However we would not like to impose our point of view. All we do is offer the facts in the chronological sequence. In the end it is the absence of the information which may become the main reason for manipulation of opinions for the sake of the personal purposes.

And no wonder that after a try to make a tempest in a teapot on a forgotten topic, on Monday, November 18th we see the following statement:


The reasons are clear and very easily understandable:


However, of course, not everyone can see the big picture. But not because it does not exist, but because the comments which show “the other side of the moon” are deleted deliberately. Who are talking about cheating and democracy here?

Here is one of the comments which was deleted immediately:


This comment "stayed alive" on the page not more then 2 minutes. Its immediate delete speaks louder then its content.

We would like to emphasize once again that the HMBIA intends to promote and develop, to create and we will support and welcome everyone whose aim is to create, build and promote their own product and we are not against competition; however we are against the formations whose aim is to compete with us via events based on the other’s ideas and concepts. We are against secret political conflicts in the HMB worldwide cultural and sport movement.

We will continue the politics of open information for all fighters, fans, spectators, craftsmen via the newsbreaks, direct e-mailing, articles published on our websites, brand pages and social networks. We call you to take part in worldwide HMB movement promotion, and for the sake of the quality development of it we have to protect it from splitting into different directions. The power and success for each fighter is in our unity.

In case if someone has a desire or inspiration to participate in HMB movement you are welcome to influence it. However we would like to prevent all our movement that our open steps and positive actions can be deliberately misinterpreted by some people for the sake of their personal purposes.

We believe in what we do, we believe in truth, cooperation and honest partnership.

We hope that every of our friends all over the world will evaluate all these facts independently and will act according to his own understanding of honor and justice. Remember that the direction of the development of the sport we love is dependent on your decisions but not on actions of the HMBIA. We offer you the open information so that you could see the real facts and deeds and see the big picture of all what is happening within the development of HMB cultural and sport movement.

Best regards,



2014-05-09 08:29
:-) someone who can say 'I love the smell of napalm' is a sore loser, with an evil mental attitude and needs to be regulated by the justice systems because he's looking to start a war of the nations, not participate in a combat S.P.O.R.T. The American government should send him into real combat. That's obviously what he craves. The man's dangerous; ca loose canon. His mind is unbalanced.





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