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WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP on historical medieval battle "Battle of the Nations" in France

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On May 9-12, France, the homeland of knights, will host an event, which is awaited every year by hundreds of thousands of Middle Ages fans, namely the IVth WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP on historical medieval battle "Battle of the Nations". It will be held in a city of Aigues Mortes, which is in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon in the south of France. This year, the championship will be attended by 22 national teams, which is twice the number it was last year.


Participants of the Championship

Among the teams that have already participated in "Battle of the Nations" are national teams of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, USA, Quebec, Austria, Italy, Germany, Israel, Denmark, and the Baltic states. New national teams are from Australia, England, Argentina, Belgium, Spain, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, France and Japan. Many fighters will have to travel across half the globe to prove they are the best successors of medieval knights.


Everything you might come across in history books or movies, will be reality there! The Championship will offer battles in the categories of "1 vs 1", "5 vs 5", "21 vs 21" and "all vs all" buhurts. The fighters will wear authentic armor with symbols of their countries. The spectators will have four days of spectacular battles, a lot of emotions and adrenaline. "Battle of the Nations" represents a bright and exciting sport. The sport for real men! Come to the Championship and root for your country!


Fun for tourists

But the Championship is not limited to fighting. According to the tradition, there will be a historical fair and taverns, interactive entertainment will be offered to children and adults, medieval theater and music groups from different countries will show their performances. In the evenings the audience will enjoy exciting fire shows. A trip to "Battle of the Nations" is an exciting opportunity for the whole family to have a rest. Women will be able to buy medieval clothing and jewelry at the fair, learn recipes of VIII-XVth centuries, visit weaving workshops; children will be able to take part in medieval games and compete on soft arms. Real knight competitions are a striking example of courage and valor for the younger generation!


In addition, Championship guests will be able to visit historical camps where the participants will live. Everyday camp life will be recreated in accordance with the historical realities: everyday items, furniture, tableware and even food will be the same our ancestors used in field camps. You’ll have an opportunity to take pictures not only of the knights, but also their families, who usually come to knight tournaments wearing medieval costumes. Give yourself and your family a trip into the past!


What is interesting in Aigues Mortes and how to get there?

The port city of Aigues Mortes was founded by Louis IX of France (Saint Louis) in 1240, knights set off for the Eastern Crusades from there. The uniqueness of Aigues-Mortes is that it has retained its original appearance to the present day, and now it’s a popular tourist centre, which is annually visited by 1.2 million tourists.

Эг Морт

Visiting Aigues Mortes you can walk on the walls of an old fortress, drop in small churches, numerous stalls and gift shops, have a snack at one of the restaurants, and then have a ride on a small boat along the canal, which goes from the city to the reserve of Camargue. Tourists are also offered excursions to the salt mines and the nearby vineyards, where they can taste and buy local wines; horse riding and cycling along the city suburbs.

plan aigues mortes

Aigues Mortes is 750 km from Paris and 33 km from Montpellier. There are hourly buses and trains that go there virtually from every city of France. For example, from Montpellier, Nimes, Lyon, Toulouse. You can get to Montpellier by plane, the city has an international airport of the south of France. There are no problems with accommodation as well, Aigues Mortes has about 20 hotels and camping sites for every taste and budget.

If you like active and interesting rest, appreciate places with unique history, are interested in spectacular events and want to visit France, then a trip to the World Championship "Battle of the Nations" is a great way to make your dreams come true!

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